We are here to partner with parents!

We want to partner with parents in the spiritual growth and development of their kids! We want to offer more resources for parents then they even know what to do with! We don't do this to overwhelm parents. We do this because we believe parenting is not a copy and paste type of role. Every family is different and every family grows in various ways. That is why we encourage you to take what works for you and leave what doesn't. We have many resources, but here are some of the big ones we want to highlight for you first:

1. First Christian Church Kids Ministry Facebook Page. Here you can find ways to connect with us. We also give daily updates, encouragement, and parent resources. You're going to want to visit this page. You can find the link when you click HERE.

2. Monthly Emails. We want to make sure parents, grandparents, and all other family member know how loved, appreciated, and needed they are. That is why we send out an email or two every month that includes parent resources, a link to that month's Online Parenting Support Video, and encouragement. You can sign up to receive these by contacting our Children and Families Minister, Jon Rhoades, at

3. Family Experiences Site.  The family experiences are one experience or ceremony you can experience with your child each year from birth through 5th grade to help them grow in their faith.  We also have this for 6th-12th graders. Visit the Student Ministry's For Parents tab to find it. To check out the family experiences go here: Family Experiences

4. Books, Articles, Websites, and Videos. Below you will find a list of relevant, encouraging, and practical books, articles, websites, and videos. These are all resources you can use right here and now. We hope you will find what you need and use it to leverage the influence you have on your child to grow in their relationship with Christ.



Family Activities:

Elementary Videos:

Preschool Videos: