For Parents!

Hey Parents,

This page is just for you.  We have started a new thing called Parent Ministry, by partnering with an organization called "Ministry to Parents."  Parent Ministry is all about helping supply resources that are helpful as you raise your sons and daughters through their teenage years.  There are a few different elements you can take advantage of on this page

  1. Check out our parenting and family articles and videos:  There are 2 ways you can do this.  First, you can simply browse the links to the articles and videos below!  Secondly, you can sign up to receive our e-mails.  By signing up to receive our e-mails you will be in the loop on everything that is happening in our ministry, but we will also be sending you updates when we release new articles and videos that focus on parenting and families.  Sign up for our e-mails simply by e-mailing CJ at 
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  3. Check out the Family Experiences:  The family experiences are one experience or ceremony you can experience with your child each year from 6th through 12th grade  to help them grow in their faith.  To check out the family experiences go here:  Family Experiences

Parent Ministry articles:

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