Upcoming Snapshot:


17-20: Sewing

22: Craft Fair

23: Jared Hall

27: Ladies Tea

30: Super Service Sunday


 14: Mother's Day

15-18: Sewing

21: Graduation Sunday

29: Memorial Day


5-8: Preschool VBS

9-10: Student Ministry Yard Sale

12-16: VBS

25-29: CIY Mix (Middle School)

Super Service Sunday

Super Service Sunday is coming on April 30! We will have one worship that day, at 8:30 am at the Forest Park cow palace. After a short service, we will head out to our group projects, then meet back at the cow palace for lunch. The best part? We are worshiping, and serving, with 5 other churches! So sign up for a project in the foyer, and grab a brochure with details. And if you have any other questions, contact CJ at cjmuston@fccbrazil.org.


2017’s VBS will introduce us to the greatest invention of all time-the uniquely wired and wonderfully made YOU! GADGETS & GIZMOS will bring to life the ways that God made every child in His image and has created each one to know Him and love Him.
Mark your calendar with these summer dates:
Preschool VBS June 5-8, 2017
Elementary VBS June 12-16, 2017

Jared Hall

Jared Hall, a nationally known illusionist, and comedian is coming to FCC on April 23, 2017.  Tickets are on sale now through the website eventbrite.com.  Just Go to EventBrite.com and search for Jared Hall!  Tickets are only $12!