When you bring your child or teen to FCC Kids or Students (or if you’re volunteering at our physical campus), we require checking in. 


We offer several check-in options: 




If you’re a first-time guest, come to Staff Assisted Check In when you arrive at our campus and a volunteer will help your child or teen get checked in. 


(Note: If you’d like to save time by pre-registering your family ahead of time, simply download the Church Center App and add your household)



If your family has checked in at a campus at least one time previously, you have the following options for checking in.

  • Self Check-In. You enter your own information at a kiosk.
  • Assisted Check-In. A volunteer enters your information for you at a kiosk.
  • Contactless Check-In. You complete check-in on your own on the Church Center App and completing the prompts. You bring the provided QR code to your campus and scan it at a kiosk. Your name tag will then print for you.
  • Add a New Family Member. You can pre-register a new family member ahead of time by adding them ton your household or using the Staff Assisted Check-in Kiosk.
  • Bring a Friend. We encourage kids to bring friends! If they do, be sure to utilize the Staff Assisted Check-In kiosk for  proper registration.